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SOME WILL NOT SLEEP is officially published in just under two weeks. Folks on my mailing list, and those who came to the launch, have thus far accounted for just under half of the 400 limited edition print run in pre-sales, and in ten days of my opening the online store on my website too. I have done nothing from 9 am until 10 pm since then but pack and post books. I’ve even turned my office into a little factory unit and have just taken receipt of another large box of black metal tees. My wife and I have even done shifts on the coalface.

And it has been one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had with books, in the 21 years that I have been professionally involved with them as an author, editor and publisher. To actually create the book, launch it, hand-pack each volume, watch a pile of fulfilled orders grow, and then take the parcels to the post office. It’s made my writing more tangible and discernible to me somehow, after using only my imagination, a PC, word documents and email file attachment for a couple of decades. All been hard work, but it has stroked my entrepreneurial streak in a way that conventional employment only ever thwarted and frustrated.

I’ve given the mailing list subscribers first dibs (and always will do for Ritual Limited publications and accessories) and I haven’t listed or promoted this hardback actively anywhere else yet, so if anyone on FB wants to order the hardback (and give me enough time to get orders out before the Xmas post), the door to my store is open, and I am going as fast as I can amidst clouds of steam, and a relentless soundtrack of fast music …

Massive two hoof salute to all who have taken a copy of SWNS, or a tee, so far! You keep me in here at night in the nicest possible way.

Order Some Will Not Sleep here.








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  • Aaron Bates says:

    I received my shirt but not my copy of the hardback. Do they ship separate?

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Yes, they are mailed separately, and once with a slight delay between items as we had to order in new shirts in one size. But they should all arrive at the same time or with a day between the items. But thanks for your order.

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