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The first reviews from horror and genre websites and blogs have been a delight for me to read. Here are the first:

“Eleven wonderfully macabre tales that cover the whole gamut of the horrific. The supernatural rubs shoulders with the bizarre, body horror and psychological trauma walk hand in hand. What can else can I say, there is something here for every fan of dark fiction which ever flavour you prefer.” Pablo Cheesecake, The Eloquent Page [full review here]

“There are eleven stories in the book, eight of which are written in first person narrative, and each and every one is a cracker – here you’ll find monsters (including those of the human variety), ghosts, arcane rituals and some of the most disturbing imagery ever put on paper… Those familiar with Adam’s novels will also find here the seeds from which some of those epics grew.” Anthony Watson, Dark Musings [Full review here

“There is not one single tale which feels less than the others, none which seem to be mere ‘filler’. They are beautifully crafted, original and complete works which nevertheless fit well together as arranged by the author.” Paul Michaels, This is Horror [full review here]

 ” Verdict: A collection full of creeping dread. 9/10″ Marie O’Regan, SciFi Bulletin [full review here

“These are stories in which nothing is sacred, nothing is safe, and goodness me, if you like horror and weird fiction then you’re going to absolutely love every damn minute of them! These short stories are long on terror. Chillingly good.” Sapient, Pop Mythology. [full review here]

“Some Will Not Sleep contains 11 short stories, 11 stories that takes you different times and places. 11 stories that will give you your fix of the macabre.” Yvonne Davies, Terror Tree [full review here] 

“The variety of tone and setting make this horror anthology stand out. Whether it be the Lovecraftian slant on a haunted house theme, or the future dystopian vision of a resident’s home, nestled in a world cloaked with a chemically toxic atmosphere.” Tom Adams, Writing in Starlight [full review here]

“There is great variety on show with this collection, the stories contained within ‘Some will not Sleep’ are varied in both scope and tone, featuring intriguing plots, a lingering sense of dread and the constant feeling that something isn’t quite right. It isn’t often that I read a short story collection and enjoy every entry, but with this book I did.” The Grim Reader [full review here]

“his frights come along with puppets and creepy dolls, they are inflicted by an evil cult or demonic creatures, dreadful monsters who come in all forms and shapes. Frights to bear for SOME WILL NOT SLEEP, a book that exceeds 5 star rating, a remarkable feast of horror, weird and grotesque.” Diala El Atat, Blogging from Dubai [full review here]

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