Website Makeover and The Month of the Black Goat

By 12th April 2011Uncategorised

A new website makeover by Hurt Design can be seen over at my website:

A few more rags and bones have been strung in the trees on the Weird Tales section; there is a new excerpt from my forthcoming novel The Ritual; a section of biographical information about how the story came to me; and a new page collating author interviews given in the last two years is now on the menu. Reviews for Apartment 16 are on show in the Wailing Wells section of Apartment 16‘s drop down menu.

Horns crossed the reviewers of The Ritual are as kind this time around!

Here’s the first visual clue as to the beastliness explored in the story. I’ll be dropping a few hints as I prepare for The Month of the Black Goat (aka the publication month of May).

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