Walk Into Mordor Review Apartment 16

By 3rd April 2012Uncategorised

Over at Walk Into Mordor, Victor Stanciu has again been generous in his praise, and also thoughtful, about another of my novels.

“I like to immerse myself completely when reading a good book, and this sometimes causes certain books, like this one, to be very taxing on my “spiritual well-being”, so to speak. Apartment 16 took me through a plethora of states of mind, ranging from anger, to nausea, to restlessness and mild paranoia, to the point where I’ve had trouble sleeping the past few days, nightmarish images invading my dreams too often to allow for much uninterrupted rest”

I made someone angry, nauseous, restless, paranoid and sleepless … It’s also a good description of my state of mind as I wrote it. We thank you, Victor, and hope our twisted imaginings keep you company for a while longer.

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