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Just wanted to give you all a heads-up on today’s paperback publication of Under A Watchful Eye (in the UK).

In many ways Under a Watchful Eye was an intentional return to my roots in British supernatural horror, by way of the lingering influence of M. R. James, Robert Aickman and Algernon Blackwood, and through an emphasis on psychic terror and psychological horror within the story. Here’s the blurb:

‘Seb Logan is being watched. He just doesn’t know by whom.
When the sudden appearance of a dark figure shatters his idyllic coastal life, he soon realizes that the murky past he thought he’d left behind has far from forgotten him. What’s more unsettling is the strange atmosphere that engulfs him at every sighting, plunging his mind into a terrifying paranoia.

To be a victim without knowing the tormentor. To be despised without knowing the offence caused. To be seen by what nobody else can see. These are the thoughts which plague his every waking moment.

Imprisoned by despair, Seb fears his stalker is not working alone, but rather is involved in a wider conspiracy that threatens everything he has worked for. For there are doors in this world that open into unknown places. Places used by the worst kind of people to achieve their own ends. And once his investigation leads him to stray across the line and into mortal danger, he risks becoming another fatality in a long line of victims . . .’

And this is what the reviewers have said so far:

“You don’t read an Adam Nevill horror novel: you live it” (Guardian)

“original, surprising, and eyes-to-the-wall terrifying” SciFiNow

“Compelling … full of big ideas” SFX

“tasty and fiendishly well plotted supernatural thriller … Although this is most definitely a horror novel I’m sure there are plenty of thriller readers out there who would enjoy a dabble into the supernatural. Another winner from a true craftsman of the horror genre.” Gingernuts of Horror

“this book offers great quality horror writing for those who particularly enjoy suspense and, in this case, an unusual approach to astral projection.” Nudge

“imaginative, well written … with the tension building throughout to create some spine chilling moments … Definitely recommend for lovers of the supernatural.” Shotsmag

“a novel in which the metaphysical becomes the metafictional. It’s a book which is as much about the process of writing as the horrors contained within its twisting and surprising narrative. I loved it and can’t think of a better recommendation to begin 2017’s horror reading experience.” Dark Musings.

“Nevill writes thoughtful, frightening stories that are calculated to infect a reader’s imagination and leave them scrambling for his back list.” This is Horror

“UNDER A WATCHFUL EYE is an amalgamation of morbid visuals, reeking odours and sheer despair, all shrouded in the strange and the weird that constitute par excellence Adam’s trademark because no one defines PECULIAR  like him.!” Blogging from Dubai

In the UK the book is available here, and in Waterstones nationwide.

A new US publisher for this book, and the others on my backlist that don’t have US editions, is in the pipeline. More news about that when I have the schedule etched in stone.

Many thanks to all who pick up a copy, and have done so, and I really enjoy reading your reviews and ratings on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever they appear, so many thanks in advance to anyone to leaves a review.

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