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Not sure I’ve ever had a book reviewed at a crime site before, but I’ve always thought that many of my books could be considered part crime or thriller or mystery/suspense. Maybe it’s the appearance of numinous presences that puts books on different radars. But no more. Shotsmag slipped me the key to the library window … I’m in! My face concealed by an old sack with button eyes, I move on all fours, whispering to myself as I prepare to finger the silver (with what might be hands) …

“This was an imaginative, well written novel, with the tension building throughout to create some spine chilling moments. With Seb as the narrator, it was easy to share his experience of his once peaceful existence being shattered, and turning into one suffused with an air of menace. Definitely recommend for lovers of the supernatural.”

Full review here

“Strange is a perfect descriptor.” A detailed review from Nudge has also come in. The book btw will manifest on January 12th. Best to let it in. Little worse than the sound of old bones pulling themselves up an exterior wall to then fumble around the bedroom’s window frame … On Amazon, the hardback is now price-promoted at twelve pounds!

Full review here

SciFiNow has reviewed UNDER A WATCHFUL EYE – “original, surprising, and (at times) eyes-to-the-wall terrifying”. Genuinely delighted. They’ve been good to my books for a long time. Issue 127 is out now.

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