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I’ve been very active in the horror system of late, both in subterranean and above ground capacities, publishing two free books and my first collection of short fiction this year. The pinnacle of this hectic period will see the publication of my eighth novel of suspense, freakishness and diabolism on January 12th, 2017: UNDER A WATCHFUL EYE.

And so that my rickety, fleshless rear legs do not give way beneath me, I imagine that this novel will be my last publication before late in 2018. I hope that its all round beastliness and its astral terrors will linger throughout that time, and until my new horrors are ready to paw at your doors, pillows and faces …

I’m also pleased to discover that some advanced reviews are beginning to appear from a limited number of advanced reading copies. They augur well so far. From the reviewing community, here’s the first review, and from Tony Jones at Gingernuts of Horror.

Thank you again, Tony and Jim Mcleod, for always making time and creating space for my books!

Review here

And from Dave Goulding, who’s been crazy and kind enough to devour all of my horrors thus far (without losing any sanity points).

“a potent mix of supernatural horror blended with the more mundane evils of everyday humanity. Greed, selfishness, ignorance and avarice are as much a threat to the protagonist as the various ghouls and ghosts, which stand on the sidelines hungrily.”

Review here

Thank you, Dave!


Stand beside the shelf and let it take you …

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