Two more reviews for The Ritual, including one in The Guardian

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My first ever broadsheet review is in today’s Guardian. Unexpected and a wonderful surprise, particularly as the reviewer is the writer Eric Brown, of Engine Man and The Kings of Eternity fame. I always approach reviews with trepidation and with one eye closed, but I’m thrilled with this review. Eric Brown highlights what was my primary intention in this story: to start at a point of crisis and to then escalate the tension and the life and death stakes, for four characters, in a short and intense period of time: “This novel grabs from the very first page, refuses to be laid aside, and carries the hapless reader, exhausted and wrung out, to the very last sentence.”

The second comes from The Truth About Books review site, who have also given The Ritual the Book of the Month slot.

The Ritual by Adam Nevill @ Book Reviews at The Truth About Books 

Reviewers, I thank thee. Today, the clown of retribution remains in its wicker basket …

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