Two More Reviews for Apartment 16

By 5th May 2010Uncategorised

SFX have given the novel a fine review in the current edition, though were ultimately stingy with the stars (3 & 1/2). But it’s enough to remove the grudge I have harboured since 2008 after the ass-banging the magazine gave my first novel.

The Truth About Books have also kindly given me a pretty decent shake, and I love the last line “intelligently crafted, scarily absorbing and morbidly fascinating”.

As for Amazon Vine … it’s currently giving me the fear …

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  • Sam Hayes says:

    Adam! I was in WH Smith today and saw you so I bought you and can't wait to read (have to finish my latest proofs first)! Sorry, too many !!!s but I was very excited. Hope all good with you and yours. Sam xx

  • Thanks, Sam. Lovely to hear from you again. Things are rocking here; hope all is good with you and with the books too. A few years ago, I bet neither of us would have believed we would be in this situation now …

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