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I’ve heard many tales about Twitter from the disgruntled, and that it is a(nother) great sea of madness – in that case I may be able to contribute my own brand of dysfunction. But I have launched my black ship and it is bristling with pikes and cannon, skippered by a lunatic, navigated by a squid, and manned by devil clowns, so feel free to befriend me, board me, tweet me, advise me, or whatever the hell you do on there. It’ll be a while before I understand how it works and until I am awarded a certificate of basic competency (tried to download the early learning centre version but it doesn’t exist).

The most off-putting thing for me has always been the word limit – even my shopping lists run to 120K words. Anyway, I have started as I mean to continue with a suggestion of intent: horror with occasional silliness. I will keep it clean and make sure that my black robes are tucked in.

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