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As ever I’m late to the party, but I felt like I’d been waiting my whole adult life for TRUE DETECTIVE. Alongside DEADWOOD, to my taste, it’s the finest TV series I’ve seen. Whole thing watched in one week. Finished the box set and immediately wanted to watch it again from the start … and just a few reasons why I loved it:

Felt like a novel (my favourite kind of film and TV show)

Brilliant characters, and not too many of them; only two POVs is just about perfect for me.

Outstanding score and script

Best title sequence ever

The intensity of Ellroy’s LA QUARTET has finally been achieved (curiously missing from the adaptations of those novels)

It had wonder and awe.

My evenings will not be the same again until series 2


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  • Yes, great series. Watched it all in just over a week – the final three episodes early one Sunday morning. So many unforgettable scenes. My boxset should arrive soon, then I'll be re-watching asap.

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