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I’m impressed by the huge interest in TRUE DETECTIVE on here, so it is worth mentioning some of the modern literary precursors to the series, all of whom I am a big admirer of. The creator Nic Pizolatto name checks some key new voices in North American/Canadian horror and weird fiction in the WALL STREET JOURNAL. So if you loved TD here are the creator’s own words: “More recently, I’d point people in the direction of Thomas Ligotti, Laird Barron, John Langan, Simon Strantzas and others…’
To Nic Pizollatto’s impressive shout outs, I’d add Richard Gavin , Matt Cardin, Brian Evenson, and Nathan Ballingrud too. So if these writers are egregious omissions on your book shelves, it’s very easy to remedy. You can even read their books before season 2 of TRUE DETECTIVE airs.

For Thomas Ligotti, I was privileged to publish his last two works of fiction in paperback, when an editor at Virgin Books (not long before they took my badge and gun), and these are still very affordable too: TEATRO GROTTESCO and MY WORK IS NOT YET DONE (though I wasn’t allowed to publish THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE HUMAN RACE. But horror prevailed in the long game and on the Karmic wheel!). Anyway, get some.


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