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  • Ed Tourle says:

    Dear Adam,
    I just read The Ritual for the second time. I live in Costa Rica and it was lovely to go somewhere cold and horrid. I also read Cries from the Crypt and it reminded me of something that happened to me about twenty years ago. To qualify, you talked about the truth being stranger than fiction. At some level anyway.
    This is true and I am not a writer looking for advice, I just want to share the weirdness because I thought you’d like the story. Please indulge me, style, grammar and everything. Jesus I know you’re busy but this was unique.
    I was late for a band rehearsal and I left the car door open as I ran inside to get my harmonicas. I was listening to Desperation, read and written by Stephen King (how I got to the end is a mystery -bloated tripe). A couple of miles up the road, I saw the green glow of my phone, meaning I’d made a call. I picked it up and answered, “Hello?”
    “I’m going to put my nephew on and you’re gonna apolgise now.”
    “What, who is this?”
    “You’re going to apologisde or I’m going to fucking find you.” He slowed down to enunciate this last bit. The phone cut as I drove out of reception. He had a strong London accent and I lived in bush Sussex, I didn’t know anyone from there.
    The phone rang and he threatened the same, I told him I didn’t know who he was. “You’ve just threatened my nephew and you’re going to take it back. Apologise.”
    The line went dead again as I drove down a hill. I thought I’d take the fight to him.
    “Look, I think there’s been a mistake…”
    “You just told my nephhew that you’d string him up. I’m gonna fuckin’ find you, cunt.”
    I couldn’t really drive down the next hill fast enough. I looked at my bag of harps on the passenger seat and like pulling pieces out of oil, I put together what had happened.
    As I’d bounced along the lane, my bag had punched random numbers on the phone and dialled. It played Stephen King, reading his own story (awfully), during a lynch scene. The nephew had clearly picked the phone up for his uncle.
    I did call back. He was too cross and I just couldn’t explain it in any way that made sense. I deleted his number and drove on. The story stayed there with the smoke from my wobbly exhaust.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Fascinating and chilling story, Ed, that I read with great interest. Almost a short story based around a pocket-call. Also hilarious in a very dark way.
    Thanks also for appreciating The Ritual so much. Great to hear! A

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