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Here are a few snaps from the mighty TITANCON convention, held each year in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The convention is primarily a tribute to, and celebration of, GAME OF THRONES. There is also an excellent genre literary strand at the same event, which is where I came in as a guest author at TITANCON 2013.


The event also featured a GOT Masquerade followed by an excellent folk set by the Hardbitten Fleabottom Swingtime Band. At the end of the set, band leader Jo Playford, did a special performance art and musical interpretation of HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS; if I am ever fortunate to have my books adapted into any other media, I doubt anything will be more bizarre, melodic or imaginative than this! Carrie with entrails and a bridal gown.




 Winner of the Masquerade, The Queen of Dragons (Lucy Feltham)
The conventions third day, Sunday, features a coach tour of locations used for sets in GOT.
 Inch Abbey
 Peadar O Guilin (accent over the O and second I)
 River Quoile
 Random taxidermy from the Environmental Office


 Audley’s Castle
 Audley’s Castle
 Audley’s Castle
 View from the castle


 Whitespots Country Park
 Clandeboye Estate
 Phil Lowles – The Creator and Governor of TITANCON
Clandeboye Estate


 Clandeboye Estate
 Clandeboye Estate


 Clandeboye Estate Banquet
 Hardbitten Fleabottom Swingtime Band
My sincerest thanks to Titancon, Phil and Jo.

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