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If my publicity hound braying has not convinced you to try No One Gets Out Alive, or you’ve somehow missed it (how is that possible?), here are a few more reviews to drive you even further away:

“the tension was so high I almost jumped off my seat every time someone as much as entered the room”

At the risk of a mass unfollow, I’m throwing this one out there too:

“No One Gets Out Alive is the kind of horror read I crave: one that keeps me up at night, freaks me the heck out, and keeps me on my toes. Not only that, but the twist and big reveal were totally unexpected even for a seasoned haunted house fan such as myself. Top marks all around for Nevill’s latest.”

Thank you Becky Lejeune. I even writhed in my own chitin.

This one had me tap dancing on all four hooves:

“No One Gets Out Alive is a unique spin on a haunted house story that kept me up all night and freaked the crap out of me. Yeah, this one’s definitely one I happily recommend for horror fans and the 4th entry on my 2015 favorites list!”


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