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Delighted by these three new reviews for LAST DAYS, sourced by my US publisher, St Martins.

“Readers will find themselves turning on extra lights and scrutinizing darkened hallways as Kyle’s world comes undone. This is not a novel for the faint-of-heart or those averse to disturbing subject matter. It does, however, reward avid horror fans with an engrossing mystery and memorable scares.”
From Shelf Awareness:

“Nevill is a master of atmosphere, edge and full-on dread in this story, leaving me with a case of the willies the entire way through. Centering his book around this disturbing cult was genius, and he paced his story perfectly. The way he depicts the inner workings of this group is grim enough to begin with, but he unleashes the terror of it all piece by piece, steadily ratcheting up the shock so that as you’re reading, you start to wonder how things could get any worse — but they do. And all along, he contemplates the question of why people would be compelled to not only join this group, but even more, why they would stay in the face of such unspeakable horrors.”

 From Oddly Weird Fiction:

“This hailed horror novel is finally released in the U.S. to keep you up nights. As in most classic Gothics, the evils of past centuries can’t stay buried. Nevill gives this classic plot a postmodern spin by making his novel the literary equivalent of The Blair Witch Project. Kyle’s latest documentary is on the Temple of the last Days cult. He goes on location to an Arizona desert where the cult’s massacre took the life of their leader. Or did it? Spooky going-ons, the deaths of the survivors they interview and other paranormal shenanigans lead the crew and their director to the cult’s true demonic leader, the Unholy Swine. Well paced and fervidly imagined, this novel is a horror debut as important as that of Hill’s Heartshaped Box.”

From Literary Bookie:


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