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“This movie has just about every classic horror element that you can imagine: a scary forest at night, grotesque violence, a witch, mummies, a giant creature-beast, and jump scares. But I found the script to be so human and the relationships so authentic that we decided to approach the lighting and camera work as more of a drama, using naturalistic lighting and soft tones.”

A really good interview about making the film with Andrew Shulkind at Filmoria.”>Filmoria

Another good interview packed with details for filmmakers at Premiumbeat. “The challenges of remote locations, mixing multiple camera formats, and technological landscape of the industry.”

And at Wolfbaneblooms: “We were shooting during a supermoon on the upper floor of this house that we had built in our village location. My gaffer was about to light the master mummy with a little light source hidden behind a roof rafter, but I noticed that the moon was so bright and our camera and lens setup was so sensitive that we could actually use the moon to light part of our interior scene.

We were about to burn down this house anyway, so we had the art department cut a hole in just the right spot of the roof to light this character. We had to shoot it quickly—before the shaft of light moved from the Earth’s rotation—but it worked out great, and the shot is in the movie!”

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