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In Last Days, Adam Nevill has managed to create a fusion of the Charles Manson mystique, the occult and a found footage documentary that is both a magnificent and gripping read from the very first page. The “friends” mentioned throughout the book are truly terrifying and, as in The Ritual, Nevill demonstrates an unrivalled flair for describing the brutal and the obscene. Last Days is an ambitious, scary and remarkable step forward in the career of one of Britain’s finest horror writers, and one that that should already have readers looking forward to his next book.”

Thank you Dan Howarth and all at This is Horror. The Blood Friends clatter their bony hands together in appreciation!

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  • Peter Simonson says:

    Loving Last Days as always had an interest in The Process Church of Final Judgement. Weird synchronicity, yeras back I bought a copy of Satan Wants Me by Robert Irwin at the shop where I then worked and he happened to be walking through in his lunch hour from teaching at UCL. Got talking as he's a fine orientalist author and Satan Wants Me reminds me a bit of Fritz Leibers SF horror. Anyhoos, turns out he was on the peripheries, a member I think, of The Process Church of Final Judgement! Facts are always good, interesting ones better! btw Apartment 16 was a revelation to me, loved the art history angle etc, scared Jesus outta me, thank the lord! natch. Yours Peter Simonson

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