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Five things I should never be asked about (if you’re in a hurry): horror, books, writing, music, climate catastrophe. Bob Pastorella, Michael Michael David Wilson and Dan Howarth didn’t know this until they asked me about all of these subjects … hence this being part one of a long chat. 

Might be things of interest here for newish writers, readers of my horrors, those considering self-publishing, and those with an interest in horror.

Show Notes
[03:55] Interview start/growing up and first experiences with story
[06:20] Standout supernatural horror writers from childhood/influential stories
[22:10] Areas of creative writing that can be taught
[28:10] Reaction to writing genre on Creative Writing course
[33:45] Now and then: perceptions of genre in Universities
[38:55] Under A Watchful Eye: autobiographical elements, subject matter,
[48:10] Influence of Joyce’s Portrait and the consequences of creativity
[48:40] Lost Girl, climate change, and the future
[54:00] Ritual Limited and lessons learnt self-publishing

You can listen to the show here


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