I enjoyed The Void. The penultimate scenes were fascinating – grotesque and overblown, but also striving, and not wholly unsuccessfully, for a sense of cosmic awe.

What I recommend is watching the “Making of” documentary on the DVD; I found it as enjoyable as the film, and the filmmaker’s story is tense. When you consider what indie film makers are up against, and how they will literally break themselves while seeking to achieve their original vision for their project (whilst so many moving cogs keep flying off in complicated collaborative arrangements), I often wonder how any of these films get made.

When I saw what it took for them to make those sets and creatures, by hand, I felt inclined to temper my criticisms. The most memorable scene was initially ruined by rain, powercuts, and no money. Watching two figures with buckets creating an underworld with wet toilet paper, all through the night in an abandoned building, made me salute. Particularly as all of my fave recent horror films seem to have erupted from this process, often flawed in parts but possessing some memorable aesthetic that is missing elsewhere. As with Across the River, when you consider what the filmmakers started with, then what they ended up with is extraordinary.

What I’d really like to see next is the prequel, with the backstory in the foreground. What a film that could be. They were touching a void here that my imagination wanted to pass into more deeply.

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