The Sound of Scarecrows

By 8th November 2009Uncategorised

I enjoyed Messengers 2: The Scarecrow. It’s a keeper. Despite it’s curious fable-like storyline in a modern setting, I now know what a horribly animate scarecrow sounds like. Yes! This one made a noise as it pursued and despatched it’s screaming victims. It also did away with a venal property developer, and placed in my imagination the image of an army of scarecrows shambling forth, last November to Canary Wharf, to deal with the financiers that flushed our economy into the toilet.

Also of note, and defo worth a rental or purchase, is the Australian horror film Dying Breed. Again, this was a risky purchase (more so now that I have no receipt), but something about the synopsis and off-beat cover style drew me in for a punt. It’s a good wilderness slasher featuring a group of youths searching for the Tasmanian tiger. Very strong natural acting more than compensates for a not blindingly original setup, in what is actually a down-under contribution to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre genre. It also featured the most convincing depiction of an Australian oaf I’ve yet seen in a film. The oaf’s destruction is spectacular and begged a rewind. I also put my hand over my eyes twice.

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