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Well, I saw some scenes filmed in Romania and the rushes, but I finally saw the completed film last Thursday in Soho’s Framestore, joined by the terrific production crew who came over from Romania, Imaginarium, and some of the cast … As you can imagine, a peak moment for me. But it still hasn’t sunk in. Suffice to say I’m delighted with the adaptation, but am saying nothing else until after it’s out on general release, only to highly recommend that you go and see it.

I was lucky enough to meet members of the cast I hadn’t met before, including the terrific Maria Erwolter, who is terrific in the film.

I pinched some pics from the reviewers who also saw it later that night, and who were joined by some other “members” of the cast …

Furbar Radio are also running a competition on Twitter in which you can win a fantastic The Ritual survival pack:

MEATLiiquor are also running a meal deal in a cross-promo with the film. You can find out more about the meal deal on Twitter here:

MEATliquor E.Dulwich‏ @MEATliquorED
“To support the launch of #theritual we have a cheeky £6.66 deal; Deep Fried Pickles and @HOBObeer. The film is terrifying, the deal is not 😱”

Their website is here

Both Empire and Sight and Sound review the film favourably this month.

And the countdown continues for the opening night this Friday the 13th …

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