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From Eastern Daily Press:

“The Hangover downs shots with Deliverance and The Blair Witch Project, in this British horror thriller resists the temptation for cheap, jump-out-of-your-seat scares to focus on a sustained build-up of tension. This British horror movie didn’t make me jump once – rather it busied itself keeping me in a state of unnerving tension.

The film glides audiences across the full horror spectrum, from casual random inner city brutality to remote supernatural threat. It works so well because it gets invest completely in its four protagonist, and fully rewards your faith.”

Full review here

From Filmspace with Scott Wilson:

“Like The Blair Witch Project and Trollhunter, it removes the outside world, and leaves just the film’s heroes and some menacing foe. What better recipe is there?”

Full review here

From Geekchocolate:

“a more satisfying experience than the majority of the endless teen slasher films with which it will compete for an audience during the Hallowe’en season.”

Full review here

From Set The Tape:

“a fun, spooky film that blends horror tropes and likable characters to create a fun, satisfying experience”

Full review here

From SciFi Bulletin:

“for tension and thrills it’s a tidy little treat that more than warrants 94 minutes of your life. 8/10”

Full review here



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