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Terrific review of The Ritual from Glasgow Live, as we count down to the Netflix and DVD releases next month.

“While some films tend to veer down a path of logic and reason, The Ritual welcomes the unknown and the mystery of campfire tales and runs with it. And it does all this without ever becoming silly. Creepy imagery and symbols skirt the camera frame throughout, whether it’s signs carved into trees or the headless “straw man” the foursome find in an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. Even the sound design is crafted in such a way that it gets under your skin without ever feeling the need to become oppressive or loud”


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  • Luke says:

    Seriously can’t wait!
    I had the fantastic opportunity to read the Ritual to my wife (my third time through the book) back during the Halloween season.
    It was interesting to see at what point the story “grabbed” her, vs. when it grabbed me (the first sentence). She was only moderately “with” me until it started getting into Luke’s internal monologue, feeling distance and disconnection from his friends. Then she made this “aw” noise…and was pretty much begging me to read to her every night after that until it was over.
    She did have one question that she wanted me to ask you, however.
    Spoiler Alert to anyone reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She wanted to know if Moder was bipedal or a quadruped; was the representation of hands on the effigy a reflection of Moder or just an attempt at capturing her likeness? I realize that detailed physiological questions sort of take away from the point of a mysterious and quasi-supernatural antagonist…but I figured what the hell?

    End of Spoilers
    Thanks so much for all your work; as I’ve shared before, I felt a special emotional connection to the Ritual that’s hard to explain. I’m approaching midlife and feeling somewhat unsatisfied with what has come, so that definitely has something to do with it. I think I’m gradually coming to understand that all we really have is “a little while.” I hope it doesn’t take a hellish wilderness nightmare of pain to help me be “here” and myself.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Thanks very much, Luke, and to your wife. I really appreciate the kind words about the book. It was definitely a book about some of my concerns and friends concerns too, ten years ago, and I think things are probably just as relevant for similar people today. But it is immensely satisfying for me to read that this book has some universal resonance. It’s what I strive for but never expect to reach.
    As to the beast being bipedal or a quadruped, I deliberately evaded anything but suggestions or piecemeal imagery. But I reckon it was both.
    The hands on the effigy were a symbol of the two species that had joined – both shared genes.

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