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There’s been an exciting development this week: the trailer and posters for The Ritual film have been released by eOne (the backers and distributors). For the last three years, I’ve had to keep nearly everything about this project under my skullcap, but it’s good that I have some material to share beyond the press release. It’s been a really exciting few years, watching this project grow from the first meeting to this stage, and at some point I’d like to tell my own story about this film’s coming into being.

The release is set for October 13, 2017. The film will also enjoy a wide theatrical release in the UK and internationally, and it’s going to be very well supported by eOne in many promotional channels. I’m delighted that the film – an independent British horror film, made by the fabulous Imaginarium – is being given such a chance. There may even be a special edition of the novel to support the film. Watch my newsletter for film and book updates … Just sign-up at the homepage of my website.

Meanwhile, take a look at this trailer
And check out the website and social media channels too!

The Ritual the film, ada

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  • Casey Rogers says:

    Any idea on a release date in the US?

  • Luke Allison says:

    Wow! I actually really like the washed out look and the vibe of this trailer. Can you disclose (or maybe you have already?) where the forest scenes were shot?

    I have to say that no cinematic presentation is ever going to match the grimy, dread-infused atmosphere that you managed to invoke in this novel, but I’m happy that they’re trying. I’m very fascinated to see whether Death Metal cultists and faunish grandmothers survive the adaptation, and I’m even more fascinated to see whether the unique creation at the center of the terror presents herself in all her semi-quadrupedal (please, God, not bipedal!) filthy glory.

    One final note of praise…
    I have read a lot of horror. Much of it is nihilistic and mean-spirited, which I think reflects a detached and ailmless view of the world. Something I’ve appreciated about all your works is that they have a profound human center. Bleakness is a part of life, but we don’t bring any healing through simply exalting in bleakness for its own sake. We fight, we weep, we work, we love, and we don’t give up.

    I’ve been through a lot of pain and loss, as I’m sure you also have, and one thing I’m convinced of is that the darkness, the temporary derangement of grief is as necessary for full human becoming as the delirious moments of joy are. And life brings both, in various measures. That you can craft works of dark fiction that explode into epiphanies of empowerment and transformation (despite its darkness, I found the Ritual a profoundly life-affirming novel) is a testament to the power of your own character and the depth of your soul. So please keep doing it!
    I know we’ll all keep reading.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Thank you, Luke. I really appreciate your thoughts, and The Ritual adaptation was shot in Romania. I like your angle on “the temporary derangement of grief” – I think much of my writing involves imagining worse case scenarios and then searching for a way of surviving them, without lapsing into “heroics” which lets too much genre fiction down. The psychology of ordinary people in extreme situations is what interests me in characters. Thanks again!

  • Adam Nevill says:

    It’ll be through Netflix, Casey.

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