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If you’d told the Adam that once sat crammed between a bed and a wall, at a tiny desk, where he wrote the first part of this novel, between the hours of ten pm and midnight, after 12 hour days working as an editor, that this would happen … If you’d told the Adam that finished this book on a borrowed laptop, at a kitchen table, and on various notepads, that this would happen … If you’d told him at any time during the two years it took him to finish this book that this would happen … If you’d told him when he walked all of those miles up and down mountains with Hugh Simmons, and listened to the rain hitting the tent, that this would happen … he’d have said, that would be great, but he would never have believed you. But IT has HAPPENED.

For me, this novel was a conscious tribute to the horror film, and an attempt to replicate parts of its effects in print. I wrote it for myself (my Dad and Hugh were the only potential readers back in 2008), and I wrote it without a deadline or a publisher. Two months shy of seven years after I completed the book, THE RITUAL is officially becoming a film.

It has been filmed. I was at the shoot in the mountains of Romania last year. It is now in post-production.

Rafe Spall is Luke.
Sam Troughton is Dom.
Arsher Ali is Phil.
Robert James-Collier is Hutch.

David Bruckner directed. Joe Barton scripted.
Jonathan Cavendish, Richard Holmes, Will Tennant, Andy Serkis and Xavier Marchand are the producers in various capacities.

And I have been in awe at the talent and work of everyone involved in this project for a long time. Nice to be able to finally share that respect.

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Here is the first official press release:

“EXCLUSIVE: Andy Serkis serves as executive producer on Scandinavia-set horror tale.

Nick Meyer, Jonathan Kier and the sales team head to the EFM with the horror story starring Rafe Spall (pictured) of The BFG and J A Bayona’s upcoming Jurassic World sequel.

David Bruckner directs from a screenplay by Joe Barton, the Bafta-nominated writer of Our World War whose credits include Humans and who adapted Adam Nevill’s award-winning novel of the same name.

eOne fully finances and produces The Ritual and will distribute directly in the UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Spain and Benelux, while Sierra/Affinity will introduce to buyers in the balance of international markets.

eOne will look to secure a US distributor during the EFM.

The story centres on four old university friends on a hiking trip in the Scandinavian wilderness following the death of their best friend.
When a wrong turn leads them into the ancient forests of Norse legend they encounter an evil force.

Jonathan Cavendish serves as a producer alongside Richard Holmes. Will Tennant oversees the project for The Imaginarium Studios and serves as an executive producer alongside Andy Serkis and Xavier Marchand, who oversaw production for eOne with executive vice-president of the global film group Lara Thompson.”

Rafe Spall

Sam Troughton

 Arsher AliRobert James-Collier

David Bruckner

Press release here.


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