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Professionally, 2019 has been the most intense year I’ve had since 2016. That was the year I created Ritual Limited and published Some Will Not Sleep, created a new website, started a newsletter and produced the free eBooks, Cries from the Crypt and Before You Sleep. Back then, I was retraining, changing things up and there was much crawling around in the dark, weeping and clawing at my skull. Four years on, I’m really glad I set that more independent course as a writer. Publishing three editions of The Reddening, launching the book myself and fulfilling the hardback orders has been arduous and accounted for half of my working year (and much of my wife’s), but it has been wonderful to see the book appreciated so widely. I’d have to look all the way back to House of Small Shadows in 2013 (a book supported by a big publisher with a London Underground marketing campaign, stocked in supermarkets and placed in the WH Smiths chart), to find a book of mine that attained a similar momentum.

The pre-orders and then the weekly appetite for The Reddening has been a relief and surprise and the book’s popularity has lost no energy at year’s end. The critical response has been warm and enthusiastic and The Reddening has also been blessed with inclusions on a few interesting year’s best lists:

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Primary to this book’s life is you guys: the readers. And the most important people in the whole equation. So I want to thank you all, heartily and sincerely and assure you, that down here where I dwell, the pyre is high, the piping loud and that the old songs of the west are being sung in your honour. The “Red” is abiding and I salute you for acquiring this book, for reviewing it, for boosting its signal, for giving it your eyes and time and thoughts. A great privilege for me as an author and something I never take for granted. You keep me going.

Wishing those who follow the blog a Happy New Year.

My 2019 recommendations to follow soon.