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The setting and ideas for my new novel pretty much came out of the coastal landscape of South Devon that I’ve been walking, kayaking and swimming over the past five years.

So I’ve decided to count down each day until publication with a selection of some of the hundreds of pictures that I have taken while on the move, supplementing them with spoiler-free quotes.

The locations in the story are all inspired by actual places, though the particular stretch of coastline from Brickburgh to Divilmouth (pronounced Dillmuth) is of my own invention. At least I hope it doesn’t exist and that I never stumble upon it . . .

“And at that moment, out of the very land and water, came a piercing light. Not a warm, golden light, nor the soft seaside light of Torbay that she’d driven through to reach the guesthouse in Divilmouth. Nor was it similar to the bitter white light of the north she’d known as a student in Lancashire. The light here was white-silver and pewter, like it marked a passage into another world or time. At its most concentrated and brightest, where spikes of sunlight pierced the cloud canopy, the light struck the battleship grey of the sea like a welding torch, becoming too strong to look into with unprotected eyes.

So there was magic here and beauty. Amidst her discomforts she managed to acknowledge this. This place was not idyllic, but here was a raw and wild beauty, one that inspired awe. Lincoln had used that very word. Here, right here, he’d found something special.

As soon as it appeared, the brief, silvery glare out at sea was swallowed by cloud.

The wind and sky changed everything, constantly: the colours, the temperature, the light and her perspective of how far she’d come and how far she had to walk.”

[These pics were taken while walking in South Hams].