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Three editions of THE REDDENING are now available for pre-order, and each edition jacket/cover has a different composition. The paperback edition is available to order widely through online stores and high street bookshops. All bricks & mortar book shops & stores will let you order a copy if it’s not in stock. Some bookshops did stock the two collections but as I don’t offer sale-or-return or withering discounts, I cannot guarantee the paperback will be on the shelves where you’ve found my previous novels. Best to order at the counter or go online.

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The eBook edition is available for pre-order exclusively through Amazon and I have added the eBook to Kindle Unlimited too.

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I’m about to start promoting the limited edition hardback further afield as well as releasing orders to the trade. As I’ll always offer newsletter subscribers the opportunity to seize a copy first, and as the 400 print-run has been reduced to around 100 copies now, get in quick if you’re planning on picking up the hardback. The fulfilment process has begun for the newsletter subscriber’s orders and each book will be carefully packed. The postmaster has been informed and we’ll take bulging mail sacks to the post office three times each week from now, to deliver Halloween as early as we can to Ritual Limited customers. I beg a little patience as some orders will arrive earlier than others, depending on territory and local postal services. But no order will be overlooked and we’ll send the books screaming across the earth as soon as we feasibly can from now until the publication date.


Each HARDBACK book comes with a Ritual Limited tear-proof bookmark, also limited to 400 copies. The hardback edition has been created to a high design and printing specifications and has been printed by TJ International. It’s a handsome Demy-size edition with head/tail bands and foil blocking on the spine. This time around, instead of a signed postcard, I will sign each limited edition book on the half-title page, so please specify in the drop down menu on the order page if you only want an author signature, or personalized to your shipping name. If the book is a gift, and needs to be signed for someone else, please drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. The book weighs in at 407 pages, near twice the length of Hasty for the Dark, but we’re holding the price at £25 + p&p.

The official publication date for the novel is October 31st 2019, but we will endeavour to get hardback copies shipped ahead of publication date.


One million years of evolution didn’t change our nature. Nor did it bury the horrors predating civilisation. Ancient rites, old deities and savage ways can reappear in the places you least expect.

The Reddening is an epic story of folk and prehistoric horrors, written by the author of The Ritual, Last Days, No One Gets Out Alive and the three times winner of The August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel.

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