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Few shots from around my two events at the new Birmingham library. Very proud of Brum for building the library: a really impressive structure with pleasing hints of seventies science fiction, and a Logan’s Run interior to match, and is full of books and periodicals and, most importantly, people. It also goes three miles underground so Brummies can all hide inside it when the climate catastrophe, that we precipitated with the Industrial Revolution, is in full swing. As we sit underground and sip Black Country ale while listening to Sabbath, we will spare a thought for the rest of you.



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  • OOO i need to get both of those books. I hope the event went well

  • *sigh* Is it possible to have nostalgia for a library? I haven't been there (to Brum, I mean, not a library) in a good few years. It's my dad's home town and I used to live there myself for part of my childhood, so I'm sure he'd be interested to see these photos too.

    Just bought HoSS today, and expect to be spooked out of my tiny little mind, especially as the nights are drawing in, up here in darkest Scotland… 😉

  • Hi Scarlett – only just seen your comment. Thanks for checking out HOSS! And the library is definitely worth a visit. Adam

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