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A really exciting debut will be appearing in the horror/weird world this month. I mark THE NAMELESS DARK by Ted E. Grau as essential. To make it even more toothsome, this collection has a foreword by Nathan Ballingrud, whose own debut recently made us reel. My take on Ted’s book:

“Packed with ideas that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and a wide cast – a chorus of disgruntled outsiders, misfits, the put-upon, the socially unacceptable and self destructive – who totter at the edge of the life they wanted, and by doing so seem to conjure associations with things that no one would want to know.

Above all, Ted E Grau has that special touch that leaves part of a reader trapped inside his tales, and that’s always a sign that others should proceed, wide-eyed, into the stories. For me, he’s right up there with the best of the new generation of horror writers. A must have collection.”


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