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Delighted to post about my inclusion in THE GODS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT, edited by Aaron J. French and published by Journalstone. It’s my first overt attempt to depict anything from the Mythos in a short story, but after strange aeons even I had a go. And instead of nibbling at the edge of space and time with a Night Gaunt or Deep One story, I was thrown into the void on my debut and asked to feature one of the Great Old Ones … I hope I have done “it” justice, as much as a feeble human being can do, and that devotees of the oeuvre don’t exile me on Yuggoth for my pains.
Anyway, I will be falling upon this book with my own flabby claws when it comes out this winter (November is the aim, I believe). One of the main attractions for me was the cast of authors asked to participate in the project. I need say no more. Get some.

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