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I’ll let you imagine my elation at having a short story included in this volume – ‘The Folio Anthology of Horror Stories’ – edited by Ramsey Campbell. I grew up in houses filled with their distinctive slip-cased editions and still have my Dad’s Folio copy of ‘The Hammer of Witchcraft’.

I’d read at least six of these stories by my mid-teens, so if you’d told a 16 year old Adam that one of his stories would eventually be included in the same collection as those stories, he’d have accused you of divining, falsehoods, conjuring and devilry.

A magical circle has also turned for me, as Ramsey published me as a horror writer for the first time in ‘Gathering the Bones’, back in 2004. My hideous evolution continued from then.

With thanks to Paul Finch for first fishing the story out of me and to Gary Fry for processing and canning it at the plant.

Here’s the full track listing of the Folio collection:

The Fall of the House of Usher (1839)
Edgar Allan Poe

The Yellow Wallpaper (1892)
Charlotte Perkins

Gilman Count Magnus (1904)
M. R. James

The White People (1904)
Arthur Machen

Ancient Lights (1912)
Algernon Blackwood

The Music of Erich Zann (1922)
H. P. Lovecraft

Smoke Ghost (1941)
Fritz Leiber

Brenda (1954)
Margaret St Clair

The Bus (1965)
Shirley Jackson

Again (1981)
Ramsey Campbell

Vastarien (1987)
Thomas Ligotti

Call Home (1991)
Dennis Etchison

1408 (2002)
Stephen King

Flowers of the Sea (2011)
Reggie Oliver

Hippocampus (2015)
Adam Nevill

Book details here

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