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Delighted to have a story included in THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR, VOLUME 9, Ed by Ellen Datlow.
The book is out now in four formats.

Here are the amassed terrors:

Summation 2016 – Ellen Datlow
Nesters — Siobhan Carroll
The Oestridae — Robert Levy
The Process is a Process All its Own — Peter Straub
The Bad Hour — Christopher Golden
Red Rabbit — Steve Rasnic Tem
It’s All the Same Road in the End — Brian Hodge
Fury — DB Waters
Grave Goods — Gemma Files
Between Dry Ribs — Gregory Norman Bossert
The Days of Our Lives — Adam LG Nevill
House of Wonders — C.E. Ward
The Numbers — Christopher Burns
Bright Crown of Joy — Livia Llewellyn
The Beautiful Thing We Will Become — Kristi DeMeester
Wish You Were Here — Nadia Bulkin Ragman — Rebecca Lloyd What’s Out There? — Gary McMahon
No Matter Which Way We Turned — Brian Evenson
The Castellmarch Man — Ray Cluley
The Ice Beneath Us — Steve Duffy
On These Blackened Shores of Time — Brian Hodge.
Honorable Mentions

You can find it here

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