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Here are a few pictures from what was a very successful and heartwarming event in Liverpool’s Williamson Tunnels, in which we conducted a tribute to James Herbert and a retrospective of his work. The panelled event created its own momentum in the way the best conversations do, and amongst humorous and insightful reminiscences by Ramsey Campbell (M.C.), Steve Jones and Craig Cabell (James Herbert’s biographer), who all knew James Herbert for many years, we all contributed short readings and commentary about his novels. I read from THE MAGIC COTTAGE and SEPULCHRE, Ramsey read from SHRINE, Craig from OTHERS and SEPULCHRE, and Steve read what might be James Herbert’s only poem. The event lasted for 90 minutes and we had an audience of 60 inside the mouth of a 19th century tunnel. The event ended in a toast and applause for Mr Herbert. I hope we did some justice to his considerable achievements and legacy.

This would be the fourth literary event I’ve done in Liverpool within two years and they have all been excellent, from the organisation to attendance levels and what I’d describe as a tremendous energy of warmth and camaraderie around each of my visits. A great city that supports writers and books.

The Panal: (from L to R) Me, Stephen Jones, Ramsey Campbell, Craig Cabell

Ramsey Campbell
Craig Cabell
Stephen Jones
Tunnel Dweller
Emma and Lucy – creators of The Unholy Swine in wool, and the photographer respectively.

James Herbert 1943 – 2013

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