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My first short story collection will be published later this year (probably late summer), and in time for The Ghost Story Festival in Dublin, and Fantasycon 2016 in Scarborough, where I will be manifesting as special ghost and guest apparition, respectively. The title of my first collection is: SOME WILL NOT SLEEP: SELECTED HORRORS, and will feature eleven of my horror and weird tales, written between 1995 and 2011 (and published between 2003 and 2012 across a range of horror anthologies).

Though primarily a novelist, I have amassed enough short stories, since the mid-nineties, to compile three collections of short weird and horror fiction. I have decided, though, to publish two selected editions, reprinting the stories that still ring my bell in 2016. The second collection plans to manifest in 2019.

Despite many kind offers from indie publishers to publish my first short story collection, I have decided to publish this book through my own company, RITUAL LIMITED. My reasons for going-it-alone are manifold, not least to maintain creative control over each aspect of the publication, from text design to cover. But I’ve also worked in senior editorial positions for the last eleven years, in traditional publishing, and want to invest the accumulated stress, anguish, and experience, into creating high-spec’, limited edition hardbacks of my shorter fiction (a 400 copy first print run is planned for SOME WILL NOT SLEEP), plus an eBook. The hardback edition should also come with special, bespoke gifts …

Meanwhile, here’s another unveiling of the Ritual Limited logo, created by Moonring Design. We’ll also be working together in the future on other stuff to realise the underground, extreme, and black metal record label stylings of Ritual Limited.

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