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For my first collection of horror stories I wanted cover artwork similar to the images in my imagination that so often inspire stories, and then appear in them too. The title of this painting is ‘Vade Retro Satan’. The artist is called Mister Trece and he lives in Barcelona. This is my first collection and his first book cover. This face even reminded me of three stories in the collection. For me, it was perfect.

I searched far and wide for the artwork and when I first saw this image I tingled. The jacket and endpapers are designed by my old friend and colleague, Toby Clarke, at ClarkevanMeurs Design Ltd. But there’s a fuller story about how we arrived here in my May newsletter.

I hope to make the book available for pre-sales this July, with a publication date later this summer/Autumn. There will be a signed limited edition hardback and an eBook.

But for now I just wanted to put this face out there … and leave you with those eyes.



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  • Lincoln says:

    Great cover, Adam!
    This release is my most anticipated of 2016. Are you publishing this yourself? If so, will it be available internationally? (I’m in Australia)

    • Adam Nevill says:

      Thank you very much, Lincoln. I really appreciate your anticipation. I am publishing this myself through my company Ritual Limited – an imprint I have set up this year to publish my collections, and maybe short novels in the future, that will ride alongside my novels that will be traditionally published as usual. My next novel is due for publication in January 2017 in hardback by Pan Macmillan.

      I will make Some Will Not Sleep available internationally, so readers can order it through the store on my website (coming soon), and through Amazon, other online retailers, when I figure that part out next. There will be an eBook and limited edition hardback (400 copies only). In time I will look at an audio book and a paperback, but I dare say that will be in 2017. So, I will always keep the Ritual books available in at least two formats, but the hardbacks will be very high spec’ and limited to one print run of 400. Newsletter subscribers will get everything first, inc’ free books exclusively created for them. So, do sign up – there is only one letter each month and they’re not spammy.

      Anyway, great to encounter a reader from Australia! Take care and thank you for the interest.


  • Lincoln says:

    Thanks for the reply, Adam, really appreciate it.
    Have signed up for the newsletter, but didn’t receive a confirmation – should have I received one? I have had trouble with my ‘’ address in the past.

    • Adam Nevill says:

      My pleasure and thank you for signing up to the newsletter. I checked the service and your address has been entered. I signed up to test the service and never received a confirmation either, which is odd … But I’ll resend the email to the reecnt signups this week too.

  • Lincoln says:

    Hey Adam, confirmation was hiding in my spam inbox – all sorted now. Looking forward to receiving regular updates.

  • Stephen says:

    That is a frightening cover. When is it coming out?

  • Ann salman says:

    I really enjoyed being terrified by The Ritual. What a creepy book!
    Thanks for scaring me.
    Am looking forward to your new book coming out next year.

    • Adam Nevill says:

      Thank you, Ann. Much appreciated. I’m glad you liked The Ritual. The short story that the story originally grew out of is included in my new collection, Some Will Not Sleep. Hope you like next year’s novel too.

  • Mario Guslandi says:

    Hi Adam.
    Just wondering about the collection TOC. New stories, reprints or both?
    At any rate, as a reader and a reviewer, I’m looking forward to it.

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