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In the past the prospect of a review in SFX has given me the jitters – I’ve feared we sing from different hymn sheets – but NOGOA has scored four stars and a decent review, for which I am relieved. “An exercise in suffocating, depressive misery” is mentioned at one point, though, as is “an unremittingly grim read”. A warning to the curious perhaps, but I wouldn’t have written about the situation and events in this book in any other way (poverty and sadistic abuse). One thing my red pen always endeavours to strike out of a book is the presence of wishful thinking, so once again I have passed on the opportunity to write a heart-warming tale of peace and hope for mankind (the clue on tone may have been in the title all along). Still, four stars, and that’s one more than we usually throttle out. On the wet cement of the cellar floor hooves clatter …

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