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Over the last few months I’ve noticed that THE RITUAL is charting high on Amazon’s Teen/Young Adult charts, and has gone to number one a few times in Ghosts, where it appeared again this morning like an uninvited Black Metal band in someone‘s country home. No idea why the book was siphoned into teen fiction through Amazon’s logarithms, three years after publication, but one of my motivations for writing the book (and in a certain way), was to do my own small bit in the struggle against male sub-literacy, and the perennial problem of young men not reading enough, or not reading at all. In part, this was a story I’d written for that lingering sense of myself as a younger reader. It was also written at a time in my working life as an editor, when I was told, in a Virgin Books publishing meeting, not to bring any more proposals into the room that were not specifically about female aspirations as men didn’t read anymore. I went home and put modern men in the woods with an old black goat.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #8,159 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) #1 in Kindle Store > Books > Teen & Young Adult > Horror > Ghosts


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