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Horror’s black flag lowers to half mast again … I remember being obsessed with this movie still as a child, and then thinking endlessly about my own adventures in a miniaturised world long before I’d heard Richard Matheson’s name, or even saw the film the still was from. I also used to get my Dad’s copy of I AM LEGEND off the book shelf (cover below) and be told, ‘That’s not suitable for you. When you’re older’. Matheson lit a fuse in my imagination before I understood who he was. HELL HOUSE is also one of THE great haunted house novels. I read it after reading a Ramsey Campell recommendation, and now use that book as a spirit level of how good supernatural horror can be. The greats leave us, but their words and ideas remain.


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  • lucho says:

    I actually just read Hell House this year. I liked it but didn't think it was THAT good (Is that a blasphemy?). I Am Legend on the other hand it's a masterpiece. I just passed over to say "hi". I'm half way across The Ritual, and I think I can just hear those hooves closing in behind me.

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