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For UK viewers, Rafe Spall did a really good interview about the film yesterday on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. I watched the replay this morning on the ITV catchup channel. And I was pleased to hear Rafe mention that the story was about modern men in relation to male roles/archetypes, and men in crisis, which was a main theme of the book, and often gets lost in the focus on the pagan horror.

He also confesses that the filming was so arduous that it was the first time he thought he’d earned his fee as an actor. The acting was hardcore and I watched the cast getting soaked repeatedly in sub-zero temperatures, in the early hours of the morning, on a mountain (they were also in the presence of wolves and a rogue bear that first tore into the hotel bins the night before I arrived). In fact, even though I was only there for two days, I was in awe at how the crew and cast worked so quickly and professionally in that environment and in difficult conditions. The acting really is first class. A dream team for this film.

But the oddest thing for me was hearing Holly Willoughby recite the names of my characters: Luke, Hutch, Dom and Phil. Another little moment that has made the entire experience even stranger.

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  • Luke says:

    I think the subtext of male relationships and male listlessness was the reason why this one has been so effective for me after the fact. The first time I finished it, I got a little weepy (not something I typically feel when reading horror), and realized that Luke’s journey was poking holes in my psyche left and right. I’m currently reading it out loud to my wife and she’s actually picking up on that undercurrent sooner than I did the first time around.

    Such great work, seriously. Can’t wait to watch this on Netflix!

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Thanks so much, Luke. That’s great to hear. I took that character (your namesake) to the end of himself and I did wonder if I’d damaged myself forcing myself to imagine his plight. One of my favourite characters who I hoped would be an “everyman”. Appreciate your thoughts.

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