Publication Day

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Well Apartment 16 is officially out there, the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. And my publisher has succeeded in having the book placed in front-of-store promos in Waterstones, Smiths Travel and Smiths High Street. BCA will be publishing an edition and several European translations are in the works, as slowly but surely, the nefarious tentacles of Felix Hessen and his Vortex infiltrate the globe.

I feel unburdened. This was that novel for me; as close to the one I just had to get out of my system as I will ever get. The story encompasses a considerable amount of my experience in London; various jobs, feelings, memories, and observations that have all filtered down to where the dark things flit.

The pre-publication journey has exceeded my expectations and a whole slew of positive and considered reviews from complete strangers have been overwhelming at times. It makes the fifteen long years of reading the canon, and of working so hard at the craft, and at struggling with language and narrative, and at developing a voice, all now feel confirmed and vindicated. It’s been along haul, often a typically dispiriting and demoralising one, but ultimately satisfying. The very nature of the struggle I have managed to convey in this novel through the point of view of two expressionist painters. And it is possible, I want to tell those in the shadows following the old school path to becoming a writer … it is possible to find publication. And it’ll probably come when you least expect it.

Thanks to all who have underwritten this endeavour with their support and enthusiasm and patronage.

I went into town and took the photos yesterday, from Waterstones Piccadilly and WH Smiths Westfield.

For those about to read Apartment 16, I salute you!

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