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Massive goat bleats and snorts to all who swung by my table of terror at the Birmingham Horror Con to get books signed and to say hello. Much additional hoof clattering to all of you who picked up more of my papery terrors, and my Black Metal fabric horrors too!

Besides two brief canters to the “Gents” on my hind legs, I don’t think I moved from the table until around 5. Also great for me to see so many Ritual Limited shirts in the throng. A really good, colourful and well-run event too, I must say. Thanks for having me Birmingham Horror Con.

I was up at 6am and finally clocked-off at midnight after the evening event. Another very confirming day for me as a writer, which is down to meeting so many readers of my books and mates in this horror tribe – always makes it all so much more worthwhile.

Thanks also to the Brum Horror Group for inviting me to be their evening guest, and in the actual brewery, full of great vats of Two Towers Ale. Appreciate those who gave up their Saturday night to listen to me gibber.

I hardly had time to take my camera out so am recycling some pics here – thanks for taking them, folks. Huge thanks to indie publisher and writer maestro, Matt Shaw, for introducing me to this event!

May table the night before the event.

The welcoming party in the foyer at Edgbaston Cricket Ground

My neighbour in the hall, Matt Shaw.

Old friends, David Moody and Joseph De Lacey

Cannibal Row (pic Andrew Freudenberg)

With Pete of Dead Good Design and my brother, Simon.

I will also be appearing at Birmingham Halloween Special, same place, in October this year. Details here.

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