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I’m part of a triple signing at Forbidden Planet, Shaftsbury Avenue, London, on Sunday 15th October, with two fine writers and gentlemen: Mark Charan Newton and Adrian Tchaikovsky. I’ll be signing copies of The Ritual (but anything else you want signed too) Swing by!

Saturday 15 October 2011 13:00 – 

London Megastore179 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 8JR

MARK CHARAN NEWTON was born in 1981, and holds a degree in Environmental Science. After working in bookselling, he moved into editorial positions at imprints covering film and media tie-in fiction, and later, science fiction and fantasy. He lives and works in Nottingham.

Mark will be signing the third book in the sensational RED SUN series, THE BOOK OF TRANSFORMATIONS.

ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY studied psychology and zoology at Reading. He subsequently ended up in law and has worked as a legal executive in both Reading and Leeds, where he now lives. Married, he’s a keen live role-player and occasional amateur actor, has trained in stage-fighting, and keeps no exotic pets of any kind, possibly excepting his son.

Adrian will be signing the new paperback of the seventh book in the SHADOWS OF THE APT series, HEIRS OF THE BLADE.

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