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Absolutely delighted to win this award, and for the third time. It’s a peer recognition from my co-members at the BFS that I can’t put a price on.

Strangely, as Jo Fletcher read out the nominees and winner, I’d been too determined to finish a glass of Newcastle Brown Ale. I’d downed it too fast, and while trying to settle the repercussions I only heard “… out alive”. I suffered a moment of panic that I had misheard and feared going up to collect an award that I hadn’t won. If I had done so, you’d never see me again for shame. The reactions of Brian J. Showers and Steve Shaw on either side of me, however, was the heads-up that I should indeed head for the podium to gibber and sweat through a few ill-prepared thoughts. The rest is history.

Many congrats to the other writers who made the Derleth shortlist, and major thanks to the BFS members for supporting my books from the start. Belated thanks goes to my editor, Julie Crisp. For me, this weekend was dominated by launching LOST GIRL and seeing NOGOA tuck its shirt in at the awards. Julie gave me a green light on these two books. She encouraged me and helped me get them upright to cast their shadows. Writing them was an intense experience and I am eternally grateful, Julie, for the opportunity to see them in print.

Thanking ya’ll who took a chance on the book too and to those who may yet open the front door of 82 Edgehill Road.




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