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Another reason why it’s unwise of me to switch off all media devices, Pan have also revealed the new cover for NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE today!

It’s not published until October – in fact, I finished work on the proofs yesterday evening – but this is also my longest book and my grimmest story to date, the tone set by the subject matter alone (something I realised when part way through the first draft). It is also my first true ghost story …

From the jacket copy:

Cash-strapped, working for temping agencies and living in shared accommodation, Stephanie Booth feels she can fall no further. So when she takes a new room at the right price, she believes her luck has finally turned. But 82 Edgehill Road is not what it appears to be.

It’s not only the eerie atmosphere of the vast, neglected house, or the disturbing attitude of her new landlord, Knacker McGuire, that makes her uneasy – it’s the whispers behind the fireplace, the scratching beneath floors, the footsteps in the dark, and the young women weeping in neighbouring rooms. When Knacker’s menacing cousin Fergal arrives, the danger exceeds her darkest imaginings.

But this is merely a beginning, a gateway to horrors beyond Stephanie’s worst nightmares. And in a house where no one listens to the screams, will she ever get out alive?


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