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17 hours and 9 minutes of my UNABRIDGED horrors are now available in audio book. And this is a story in which I took a character to the end of their physical, psychological and emotional limits (twice), and in which I attempted to make 600 pages feel like a matter of life and death (without fatiguing the reader being the intention). It was also my vision of a contemporary horror film. For me it was a mammoth undertaking, across around 18 months, to depict as authentic a version of inhumanity as I could, in two buildings with a limited cast. It’s a heavy book.

Colleen Prendergast is the narrator and her audio book work includes ‘Nine Uses for an Ex-Boyfriend’ and ‘Here Come the Girls’ . . . Well here come 15 ghosts, 4 serial killers and something much worse in the cellar …
But I feel proud of my small part in a massive blow against type-casting. I’ll HAVE to download this to hear how the actor coped with Knacker and Fergal.


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