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First good review for NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE has been posted from the bookseller at Waterstones in Witney, Oxfordshire (a fine town and brewer of some of my favourite ales).

Adam Nevill’s latest fiendish work has reached new heights of terrifying. Famous for his skin-crawl-inducing paranormal horror, which so far has come in various gruesome flavours: Scandinavian pagan folklore, Lovecraftian madness, creepy dolls and Victorian taxidermy, all enough to rob me of any decent sleep, his books always had a classic horror elegance to it – but they are positively cushy compared to the brick-sh**ting real-life horror he’s unleashed on us now … This here novel definitely comes as a cautionary tale: read the small print of your contract. More so, insist on a contract. And don’t move into the first place on offer. Small Claims Courts cannot fight hell.”

Thank you, Patty!

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