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  • Louise says:

    Mr Nevill – first of all, thank you! I am a huge fan of your work…slightly obsessed with some of your books! Mainly, The Ritual, Last Days and Apartment 16…seriously spooky stuff. I have some of your books on audio, and I wondered if there were any plans to get Last Days in audiobook format? Apologies of this is not the right place to ask!

    PS I cannot wait to see The Ritual, so excited……I’m saving it for when the kids are away and its a windy, rainy night :o)

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Hi Louise – thanks for the obsession! It makes this pursuit feel more meaningful as far as I am concerned; to connect with a reader in this way is very special to me.
    Regarding audio, besides my two short story collections, only 4 novels went into audio. I am pushing for the others to find this format, but the UK publisher owns the rights and it’s, ultimately, their decision of who they place them with. I just won’t be so hasty to give those rights away in future. I’d love for Last Days to get audio and will post on here if that happens, or when it happens. I have a hunch it might do. Meanwhile, thanks so much for reading my books and for appreciating them.
    If you’re not on my mailing list, I have a newsletter and all author related news goes into that too – only one goes out a month, plus you get a free book when you sign up.

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