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Samuel Araya has created some new artwork inspired by ‘The Ritual’ novel. I find that incredibly flattering and generally awesome.

Samuel has also created the artwork for my new novel, ‘The Reddening’. I revealed this stunning original picture in my most recent newsletter and pre-orders for the limited edition hardback will be available soon. Newsletter subscribers get first shot.

If you want to sign up and pick up a free full-length eBook too – ‘Cries from the Crypt’ – just head over to my website:

Check out Samuel’s artwork at his FB page and the links to his stores & website here.


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  • Luke Allison says:

    Wow! Now there’s the dirty, stinking, mean-spirited and all-around gnarly Moder from the novel. I’ve been looking for fan art that captured her well but Thompson’s concept from the novel has captured everyone’s imagination. All well and good, but goat-Moder is the one who haunted my dreams for a year after I encountered her.

    Absolutely thrilled to pre-order The Reddening.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Sam’s art is superb. After seeing some of his earlier paintings inspired by the novel, I was very keen for him to produce the art for one of my books, and he has done for The Reddening. Many thanks for your order too. A

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